2024 Wellness Revolution: How Onsite Gyms Are Redefining Office Culture

2024 Wellness Revolution: How Onsite Gyms Are Redefining Office Culture

In this era where holistic well-being is at the forefront of personal and professional goals, what if we told you that achieving your fitness aspirations is not only possible but seamlessly integrated into your workday? Welcome to a future where your workplace isn’t just a space for productivity; it’s a haven for your well-being.

Curious about offices in London that offer this enticing combination? Let’s take a peek at some great locations across the Capital.

Borough Road – Southwark

Transformed from a Victorian print works factory, The Ministry on Borough Road offers a modern workspace with a dynamic club floor hosting a bar, barista, terrace, meeting rooms, and event space. The gym, box fitness studio, changing rooms, vanity area, and content studio reside in the basement. This unique space ensures a balanced work-life for its members.

15-19 Bloomsbury Way – Holborn

LABS House on Bloomsbury Way in Holborn provides coworking and serviced offices with an on-site restaurant, bar, event space, gym, and panoramic views. Perfect for boosting business productivity, it’s a sophisticated environment with excellent travel connections and a vibrant neighbourhood.

Thomas House, Eccleston Square – Victoria

Thomas House in Eccleston Square offers premium amenities and working spaces, including a lower ground floor gym fully equipped with weights, cardio gear and resistance equipment. Shower and changing facilities make it easy to fit a workout into your lunch break, and onsite fitness classes and rooftop yoga add to the wellness experience.

SQB – South Quay

Sierra Quebec Bravo (SQB) in Canary Wharf caters to businesses with 3-200 desk offices. With an onsite café, gym, yoga studio, cycle space, shower facilities, co-working area, and event space, it’s designed for an integrated wellness experience.

Tintagel House, Albert Embankment – Vauxhall

A collaboration with architects Stanton Williams and Universal Design Studio resulted in a 100,000sqft building offering multiple office suites for 3-100 desks. The ground floor gym overlooks a garden by the river, complementing an art gallery, gym, shop, café, meeting rooms, roof terrace and co-working areas.

St John’s Lane – Farringdon

This recently opened St John’s Lane office offers multiple suites of various sizes with access to onsite facilities that include a gym, yoga space, courtyard, event space, cinema room, wellness and treatment rooms, boardrooms, and a guest lounge. Accessible from Farringdon and Barbican stations, it’s a commuter’s dream.

Chancery House – Chancery Lane

Opened in Q4 2023 and located in London’s legal district, this workspace offers a professional image with a high end modern interior. Office spaces are available for teams of 4-200 and tenants will benefit from multiple amenities including the gym with fitness studio for classes and yoga, onsite barista/cafe, buisness lounge areas, a rooftop terrace and courtyard.

Inspired by these?

Ready to embrace a new era of work-life balance by exploring London’s coolest workspaces equipped with onsite gyms and an array of wellness goodies. This is the year to prioritise your health, and your workplace is the perfect starting point. 🏋️‍♀️💼✨

For more details on these office spaces offering onsite gym and/or other London office spaces? Contact us at hello@flexofficesolutions.co.uk

Benefits for the employer of offering an onsite Gym

Boost Productivity – Regular exercise has been proven to enhance productivity, with some employers noting a 72%1 improvement in daily output. It directly influences creativity, learning speed, memory, and concentration, positively impacting workplace performance.

Alleviate Workplace Stress – Incorporating exercise into the workday effectively reduces stress, benefiting both employee health and job satisfaction. Physical activity releases hormones that decrease stress levels, enhancing mood and brain function.

Reduces Absenteeism – Integrating health and fitness into the workday has led to an 83%2 reduction in sickness-related absenteeism. Regular exercise boosts overall health, minimising vulnerability to common illnesses, and subsequently lowering absenteeism.

Enhance Employee Retention – Selecting an office with an onsite gym is a key factor in retaining employees, adding appeal and a competitive edge. This choice not only improves the attractiveness of your business but sets it apart from others.

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